Plan calls for football stadium, 2 community parks, pair of lakes 668 housing units plus 339,886 square feet of commercial uses

The housing includes:

*80 apartments incorporated with mixed use commercial.

*378 units in more traditional apartment complexes.

Cambay Group — the developer of River Islands — will retain ownership of the apartments.

Having 668 living units integrated with commercial uses along with recreational amenities is designed to make the town center neighborhood walkable for those that reside there. A stadium that River Islands will use for home football games will be under the control of a private entity just like the Islanders baseball field and adjoining soccer complex.

As such, they are designed to be employed for a variety of community uses that could range from concerts and car shows to festivals and more. The Lathrop Polce Department headquarters is also part of the town center. There will be two manmade lakes.

River Islands President Susan Dell’Osso has noted in the past that the goal is to lure restaurants that can offer lakeside dining among other uses. There are no “box-style” commercial endeavors envisioned for the town center. With the close proximity of the stadium and baseball field, such a design lends itself to attendees of the games to walk to nearby restaurants before or after games. The idea of a town center stadium was inspired by Dell’Osso’s high school days in Southern California where high school games were played at a community college stadium on top of a commercial area. Classmates — and family of players as well as others attending — would often walk to restaurants after games to dine. There will also be two community parks in the town center neighborhood.

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