Industry Overview – Energy

Natural resources play a key role in the Energy sector for the Central Valley.  Kern County is the No. 2 oil producing county in the nation, yielding 134 million barrels of oil and 111 billion CF of gas annually, according to the 2016 DOGGR data. Over 72% of California’s oil production and 70% of its gas production come from Kern County.

The San Joaquin Valley’s growing population and expanding economy will require increased supplies of reliable, diverse, clean energy, which is defined as “increasing the energy use efficiency of our homes and businesses and other resources; and producing more electricity and fuel in the Valley from renewable energy resources such as solar, wind and biomass.

Top Employers


Company Name Number of Employees County
enXco 1,000 Kern
EDF Renewables 750 Kern
MidAmerican Solar 650 Kern
Quinto Solar Project 500 Merced
Coram, Inc. 400 Kern
Terra-Gen Power 400 Kern
Next Era Enegry 320 Kern
Sempra Generation 308 Kern
EarthRenew 300 Fresno
Western Wind 200 Kern

From Oil production to Renewable Energy sources including Solar, Wind, and Biomass,  Central California has the nation’s largest producers of energy.