Financing Programs

Financing Programs


Industrial Development Bonds

Industrial Development Bonds (IDBs) are tax-exempt securities issued up to $10 million by a governmental entity to provide money for the acquisition, construction, rehabilitation and equipping of manufacturing and processing facilities for private companies. IDBs can be issued by the I-Bank, local Industrial Development Authorities, or by Joint Powers Authorities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      SBA SBA 504 Loans

SBA (Small Business Administration +Corporations (CDC). Through the SBA 504 program, CDCs provide up to 90% of fixed-asset financing costs. The second mortgage, long-term, fixed-rate financing nature of the program allows banks to participate in business expansion by reducing risk exposure. The benefit to the borrower is a lower down payment requirement (10%) and a longer-term, fixed-rate loan, which translates into reduced monthly payments.


Small Business Loan Guarantee (SBLGP)

The California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program (SBLGP) assists businesses with the creation and retention of jobs while encouraging investment into low- to moderate-income communities. The SBLGP enables small businesses to not only obtain a loan it could not otherwise obtain but more importantly helps to establish a favorable credit history with a lender so the business may obtain loans in the future on its own without the assistance of the program.


California Capital Access Program

The California Capital Access Program (CalCAP) encourages participating banks and lending institutions to provide loans to small businesses that fall outside of convention


California Capital Access with Collateral Support (CalCAP - CS)

CalCAP CS pledges cash to cover the collateral shortfall of loans of $100,000 or more. CalCAP CS provides up to 40% of the loan value, with the possibility of an additional 10% for businesses located in a Severely Affected Community. Small business lenders loaning to businesses classified as a small business under U.S. Small Business Administration guidelines and that have fewer than 500 FTEs. The borrower's primary business and at least 51% of its employees or business income, sales or payroll must be in California. The business activity resulting from the bank's loan must be created and retained in California.


Pollution Control Tax-Exempt Bond Financing Program

Private activity tax-exempt bond financing is available to California businesses for the acquisition, construction, or installation of qualified pollution control, waste disposal, waste recovery facilities, and the acquisition and installation of new equipment.


Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program

The statute allows the Energy Commission to use grants, loans, loan guarantees, revolving loans, and other appropriate measures. Eligible recipients include: public agencies, private businesses, public-private partnerships, vehicle and technology consortia, workforce training partnerships and collaboratives, fleet owners, consumers, recreational boaters, and academic institutions. The Energy Commission must prepare and adopt an Investment Plan and convene an Advisory Committee to assist in preparing the Investment Plan.


Beverage Container Recycling Grant Program

The Department of Conservation provides funding annually in the form of grants for beverage container recycling and litter reduction programs. The Department typically seeks projects that provide convenient beverage container recycling opportunities in California; however, the focus may change with each new solicitation.


Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) Revolving Loan Program

The RMDZ Revolving Loan Program makes capital available for California manufacturers located in RMDZs. The program provides direct loans to eligible businesses that manufacture recycled raw materials, produce new recycled products, or that reduce waste from the manufacture of a product.


USDA Rural Development

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) sponsors “Business & Industry” guaranteed loans in rural communities. USDA guarantees up to 80% on loans of $5 million or less and up to 70% on loans up to $10 million. Rates are fixed or variable and negotiated between lender and business. Terms are typically seven years for working capital, 15 years on equipment and 30 years on real estate.


Local Revolving Loan Funds

Enterprising communities throughout California have recognized that Revolving Loan Funds (RLF) are important economic development tools. The United States Economic Development Administration, Department of Agriculture and Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant Program typically capitalize RLFs. Their proceeds often provide critical capital to deserving small businesses, which in turn, provide needed jobs in urban and rural areas throughout California. Contact your local city or county for more information.