$7.4M grant brings electric bikes to Stockton. Here’s how, where to rent one

If you’re out and about in Stockton, you may see one of the new 105 pedal-assisted electric bikes that are now available for public transportation. The city’s new electric bike-share program — made possible by a $7.4 million grant awarded to the San Joaquin Council of Governments from the state’s Sustainable Transportation Equity Project — launched last Saturday with a Rise ‘N’ Ride event at University of the Pacific. Olivia Mitchell, a sophomore at Pacific, smiled as she tested an e-bike near the university’s William Knox Memorial Library during the launch event.

“I don’t drive, so transportation can be a really big issue for me trying to get to campus,” Mitchell said. “This could help me get to campus and it could also help me get off campus to explore Stockton.”

The program is intended to help Stocktonians like Mitchell get around the city in a clean and cost-effective way.

“I think having more transportation options is really important, especially affordable transportation options,” said Tyler Madell, a program manager for Shared Mobility. Along with SJCOG, Madell has led the planning of Stockton’s electric bike-share program since 2020.

How to rent an e-bike in Stockton

It costs 15 cents per minute to ride an e-bike, according to Bike Stockton’s website. Residents also have the option to sign up for an annual membership priced at $40 per year. The membership includes up to 30 minutes of free ride time per day and a discounted rate of 5 cents per minute after the initial 30 minutes.

“A big thing for us is making these programs affordable across the board. You know, having really affordable rates to make sure people can use these services regularly in the community, whether it’s for running errands or going to work, or even riding recreationally,” Madell said. “Stockton is a very car-centric city as we know … this is an effort to kind of move away from that and create more options for residents.”

Matthew Amen, a Yosemite Street Village neighborhood resident, said he is an advocate for eco-friendly travel, and often uses alternatives to driving a car.

“I have a very urban mentality. Even though I’m from Stockton, I’ve lived in major cities and I love the fact that you can be in a space where you don’t need a car,” Amen said. “I’m looking forward to being able to utilize these bikes to get to where I need to go. From an economic standpoint, it’s a great way to experience the beauty of the city.”Those who are interested in renting an e-bike must download the Bike Stockton app, create an account, and scan a QR code for the e-bike to unlock.

Where to find the e-bikes in Stockton

The e-bikes can be found at five hubs located around the city:

  • DeCarli Plaza
  • Downtown Transit Center
  • Miracle Mile
  • University of the Pacific
  • Yosemite Street Village

The locations of the hubs were determined through community input and connectivity to transit, said Christine Corrales, senior regional planner for SJCOG.

“A key piece when it came to locating the hubs was thinking about how much access residents could have to the sites. For example, it’s ideal to place the bikes in locations that are not gated off to enable 24-hour access,” Corrales said. “We’re also trying to make sure that we can reach as many people as possible, so ideal places are places where there are lots of residents who live in the vicinity, and who can benefit from these services.”

While most of the hubs are located in central Stockton and the downtown area, Corrales said the goal is to expand to south Stockton in the next three to six months.


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