Telling the COVID-19 story for your great-great grandchildren

Central Valley Business Times

  • California Historical Society seeks personal stories of coping
  • “Stories can connect us, and they can help us see ourselves”

The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic will likely go into the history books as comparable to the so-called “Spanish Flu” of 1917-1923. The California Historical Society, which has troves of stories, newspapers and photos of that earlier deadly virus, hopes Californians will help it record to history of the current pandemic, which it calls a crisis of historic proportions.

“Modern historians have argued that history isn’t simply comprised of actions of remarkable or grand figures. The thoughts and experiences of everyday people are valuable keys to unlock what it’s like to live in any era,” the Society says.

To that end, it is creating a collection to document life in California during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“We want your stories, from the far north of the state, to the Bay Area, to the Central Valley and coastal communities, to desert areas, Southern California, and the border region, ” it says. “Stories can connect us, and they can help us see ourselves. They can shape future understanding and reveal aspects of our present world. Preserving your stories can reinforce that, together, we are the people making history.”

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