Report: Visalia’s Kaweah Delta hospital generates $1 billion a year locally

Central Valley Business Times

March 12, 2020

• Supports nearly 7,400 jobs directly or indirectly
• “How Kaweah Delta supports Tulare County’s economy”

Kaweah Delta medical center in Visalia does more than provide healthcare services to the region and the Central Valley — it also infuses nearly $1 billion into the local economy each year, according to a new study.

Kaweah Delta makes an estimated $973 million annual economic impact and accounts for $550.4 million or 3.2 percent of Tulare County’s economy, says an economic impact analysis commissioned by the Tulare County Economic Development Corporation and prepared by Impact DataSource of Austin, Texas.

“Many people think that, traditionally, a hospital exists to care for a community and while there are many examples of that, this study paints the bigger picture of how Kaweah Delta supports Tulare County’s economy,” says Paul Saldana, president and chief executive officer of
Tulare County Economic Development Corporation.

The study says Kaweah Delta:
• Has a workforce that makes an estimated $444 million in compensation, of which $364 million goes back into the region through its spending.
• Has 5,000 employees but creates an additional 2,382 local jobs through its employees’ spending and activity.
• Provides an average salary of $68,323 to employees, which is significantly higher than the average annual wage of $39,000 in Tulare County.
• When it recruits one new primary care physician to the area, it generates an economic impact of $2.9 million in annual economic output, 17 jobs, and $1.2 million in compensation paid. In 2019, Kaweah Delta recruited 40 new physicians of various specialties to the area.
• Supports $550.4 million in value added, which benefits nearly all local industries.

“Kaweah Delta is one of the largest employers in the county. Its workforce includes everything from doctors to nurses to people who cook and clean rooms. They are well-paid, and their paychecks help support our local economy,” says Mr. Saldana.

The study sponsored by the Sequoia Regional Economic Development Foundation and Kaweah Delta Health Care District, analyzed the total annual economic impact of the healthcare district.

Download the full report here:

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